Our Nurses

Your guides in a network

I teach...

For a relationship of assured confidence

I answer...

I am accessible and reassure you with sound advice

I inform...

For your well-being and disease prevention

I support...

I follow up with you and the team

Caring reassurance is fundamental to our practice for facilitating optimal health outcomes.

Nursing practice excellence and leadership to ascertain a strong connection to the community.

Engaging relationships with patients ensures active and informed healthcare decisions.

Coping with a difficult diagnosis is easier with a nurse Partner that supports healthcare network navigation.

Our Osteopath

Osteopathy is a systems based personalized wellness approach that tailors therapy to restore health and function.

Combining individualized instruction, manual therapy and progressive exercise techniques. Both Raymond and Georgio work with you to restore your confidence, strength and maximum range of motion.

Education Specialist

Annie is the perfect educational partner for students with cognitive and other specific learning challenges. She instills passion and inspiration for learning by personalizing her approach to assure a sense of purpose and achievement.

Nutrition & Exercise

You are unique and Chloe will work with you to develop the perfect recipes to help you meet your dietary needs.

She has given herself the mission to make our community active. Her smile and gentle encouragement are sure to make you want to move.