The Partnership

The Advantage of Being a Partner

The value supported by the nurses at the TaLin Medical Center reads as follows:

The patient with the collaboration of his personal entourage and his health care team is an active partner who can make the choice of function of his own abilities and needs.

Partnership with the nurse vise:

  • Promoting good health,
  • Prevention of illness, accidents, social problems and suicide,
  • The therapeutic process,
  • Functional rehabilitation,
  • Quality of life and commitment

The partnership is established in the relationship of mutual respect and the desire to work together.

The TaLin collaborative approach gives rise to the patient's willingness to participate in what suits him.

The nurse at the TaLin Medical Center encourages the possible development of the following products for her patient:

  • Self-determination
  • The atonomy
  • Self-regulation
  • Knowledge and skills regarding health in general and diseases.

What drives this approach is the desire to support you in learning the ability to make free and informed health choices throughout your life.

The nurse, recognizes each patient's experiential knowledge, skills and concerns and is the expert consultant who accompanies you in your experiences, who respects your pace and facilitates the adaptation and well-being of any stage of life.

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